External Recorder & Monitor:

Atomos Shogun Inferno














Wescott Skylux






Wescott Ice Light









Sigma 50mm 



Samyang 24mm




Maximum resolution: 4K


Dynamic range: 14 stops


Sensor: Super 35mm 


Bit depth:12bit RAW

output to Atomos Inferno for 10 and 12bit recording

Slow Motion: 4k 100fps bursts at 25p

2k 200fps continuous at 25 fps 

Native ISO: 3200

Recording formats:

ProRes RAW 

ProRes HQ


Pro Res LT


Monitorting: 1500 nit daylight viewable screen 

7.1 inch

1920 X1200 resolution display 

CRI: 95+

Daylight balanced 5500K

100w Power draw 1kw power output equivalent

CRI: 95+

Daylight balanced 5500K

Can be battery powered

F2.8L macro image stabilisation



F1.4 ART Range



T1.5 Manual apature 




Cinema resolution twice the frame size of full HD


Great exposure across entire image for keeping skies and subjects exposed simultaneously for example


Shallow depth of field and great low light performance


Great colour depth 

4 X slower footage at 4K. Can be recorded in bursts

8 X slower footage at 2K. Can be recorded continuously

Great low light performance

Great flexibility for either heavy post production and grading or smaller files for minimum grading  

Great for on set viewing

Natural flattering daylight coloured light without any unpleasant green or magenta colour casts. Very power efficient and no risk of tripping domestic power outlets

Portable, flexible and flattering softlight

Stable telephoto shots that can be hand held with macro capability for shooting very small subjects. Super wide aperture for amazing low light performance and shallow Depth of Field

Great focal length for interviews Super wide aperture for amazing low light performance and shallow Depth of Field

A wide lens still capable of shallow depth of field due to its wide aperture.