luke fleming director of photography

monstrously cinematic




It’s my mission and passion to tailor unique visual styles to your film to give your production a cinematic edge for that cool factor you’ve been looking for. This means we can have a chat over the phone or a coffee and I’ll organise squeezing every last drop of visual potential out of your brief and budget. So get in touch I’m looking forward to hearing about that project you’re working on.



Whilst I own everything the majority of productions require, I have also built up great relationships with a number of hire companies to truly match the scope and requirements of your production.




"I’ve worked with Luke on a number of projects now and they’ve all been really fun. He gets exactly what you want do really quickly and he understands your requirements and needs. I’m really happy with how we’ve been working together, I really recommend him."


Racing Driver

JOSh robson-hemmings

“Luke Fleming did an amazing job on the promo video for our band, he worked with us from the very beginning to develop concepts, right through the process his hard work and input was incredibly valuable. We ended up with a product far better then we could have hoped for at the beginning, we can’t thank him enough.”



"Having worked with Luke on a number of projects over the last three years I can highly recommend him. He possesses a wonderfully creative eye when behind the camera and he approaches his work with professionalism and pride. He is able to work Solo on set or as part of a team and takes direction in his stride." 




"From a colourist's perspective, Luke has a trained eye I continuously rely on, he makes my job far more enjoyable as I can apply a grade rather than correction, definitely a quality.

Luke's extensive knowledge is always evident and someone who takes 5 minutes to make the most of a take, his level of accuracy is never unnoticed not only does he deliver I can always create a desired grade from his work, his calm and professional attitude is always a welcome addition in the grading room."




"Luke has a rare talent for beautiful camera work.  He wields his camera with confidence and is quick to spot the angles that give our films that edge.  Skylark Media Group is renowned for the quality of its productions and to a large degree this is down to the shoot footage that we get to work with.  He’s also good company on long car journeys!"






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